Payment Process

The client is liable to pay AnalystView Market Insights for service and content as stated on the website, and would also be responsible for all other related taxes and duties (sales and property) as maybe applicable. All payments need to be paid as per the mentioned payment gateway method during the checkout of order. AnalystView Market Insights reserves the right to cancel access to the product in case of the full payment has not been received by the company within the stipulated time. 

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Due to the confidential nature of these research reports, cancellation of the processed orders will not be approved once the project is confirmed, and Invoice is signed. However, refund is possible only in case of multiple payments and will be initiated at the earliest. In other cases, the refund policy is not applicable. If you have any concerns related to the quality and content of a purchased report, AnalystView Market Insights will responsible to address those at the earliest.

License Options

The license terms and conditions facilitate the use of products or services offered by “AnalystView Market Insights”. By placing the order, an individual agrees to the license terms. The license terms shall be binding upon acceptance and delivery of research products or consulting assignments by AnalystView Market Insights. and any of its authorized distributors.

Single User License

Single-User license grant customer one non-exclusive, non-transferable and machine readable license to use the report either electronically or online. The right to store, display, or use of the report content should be confined only to one authorized computer system. User will have authorization to print one duplicate of the report for single use.

Multi-User License

Multi-User License shall grant customer to use the report either electronically or online for more than one person to use. User will have authorization to print additional duplicate paper copies of the report for the employees of the company but not permitted to gain access it to any third party to use the report.

Enterprise License

Enterprise License shall grant customer to use the report (i.e. electronic or online) within the organization and its subsidiaries. The user shall have full right to display, store, copy, and transfer the purchased report with the organization or with its subsidiaries.

No License

Nothing contained on the site should be understood as granting you a license to use any of the trademarks, service marks, or logos owned by Company or by any third party.

User Acknowledgement

The Copyright in all of the works contained within this website is either owned by AnalystView or licensed to it. Reproduction of part of the contents of any of it is prohibited. The user acknowledges that, by using this website or any of the company’s services, that he/she has read the terms of use and agrees to be bound by them.


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